When your business depends on accurate flow measurement and control, count on Badger Meter. As one of the world’s leading flow measurement companies, we provide a wide range of proven technologies to measure critical fluids used in today’s diverse industrial environment. Here you will find our trusted Dynasonics® brand of ultrasonic flow meters and ancillary products.


TFX Ultra

The TFX Ultra-clamp-on ultrasonic flow and energy meter provides accurate and repeatable liquid flow measurement for full pipes one-half inch or larger. Built for non-intrusive flow and energy measurement applications, the meter attaches to the outside of the pipe and does not contact the liquid being measured. The clamp-on design allows quick and low-cost installation, and eliminates worries of fluid compatibility and pressure head loss. With no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear, so repair kits or replacement parts are not needed.For more information on the TFX Ultra, click here.


The DFX ultrasonic Doppler flow meter measures flows of liquids containing suspended particles or aerated liquids. The suspended particles must reflect ultrasonic energy.  The DFX flow meter operates by transmitting ultrasonic waves into the flow stream and measuring the frequency shift of the reflected wave. For more information on the DFX, click here.


The DXN is simply the best option for your next portable application, with true hybrid transit time and Doppler operation, an expandable 1GB data logger that takes readings over 50 times a second, and the ability to store site-specific parameters using plain English site descriptions. Take control of your toughest applications, add the DXN Portable to your flow measurement toolkit today. For more information on the DXM, click here.