For over 30 years, Newson Gale has been leading the way in hazardous area static control, serving industries where processes generating static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheres.

From the identification of the right product solution to training on static hazards Newson Gale provides the most comprehensive product and service package in hazardous area static control.

Newson Gale’s continuous investment in researching and developing solutions to a diverse range of industrial static hazards has resulted in a number of industry firsts in hazardous area safety.



Wherever there is a real danger of conductive plant equipment and materials accumulating static charge within flammable and combustible atmospheres Newson Gale’s range of Earth-Rite Static Ground Monitoring & Interlock Systems provide added operational safety for critical hazardous area processing and handling operations. For a complete listing of Earth-Rite models, click here.


For applications where control switches or PLCs are not available for output contacts, the Bond-Rite range is the best solution for maximizing the safety of processes generating static in hazardous areas. For a complete listing of Bond-Rite models, click here.


The Cen-Stat range of clamps, cables and reels are single circuit applications that rely on high strength mechanical circuits to dissipate static electricity from potentially charged equipment. For a complete listing of Cen-Stat models, click here.

Mobile Solutions 

Newson Gale manufactures and supplies an innovative range of mobile grounding solutions including a patented truck mountable ground verification system, a portable hose continuity tester and many other accessories essential to providing grounding protection for trucks and personnel operating in locations where standard grounding systems are not available to provide protection from electrostatic ignition hazards. For a complete listing of Mobile Solutions, click here.