Process Sensors’ mission is a simple one: to utilize the least complex, most reliable technology in order to provide sound solutions and long term, maintenance-free operation in industrial environments. Temperature is critical in most industries. Accurate measurement is vital to product quality and cost effective production. Process Sensors’ instruments are designed to help you achieve those objectives effectively and economically. 


Process Thermal-Imaging Camera Systems

Process Sensors offers a comprehensive range of imaging and line scanning camera systems to continuously monitor and control industrial processes. These state of the art camera systems provide real-time thermography with an astonishing 128 Hz frame rate. For a complete listing of process thermal-imaging camera systems, click here.


Infrared Temperature Sensors

Process Sensors offers a comprehensive range of infrared temperature sensors. These state of the sensors are available in high speed, short wavelength, and compact OEM sensors. For a complete listing of infrared temperature sensors, click here.


Portable Infrared Thermometers

Process Sensors offers a wide range of versatile portable IR thermometers that feature laser, optical telescopic sighting, built-in video camera, PSC Software for analysis & data logging, and on board audible / visible alarms.  For a complete listing of portable infrared thermometers, click here.


Blackbody Calibration Sources

To calibrate infrared pyrometers and thermal imaging systems accurately, it is necessary to have a source of IR radiance that is controlled and predictable. PSC-BBS series of blackbody calibration sources provide a target of known emissivity, temperature and aperture size. These blackbodies can also provide calibration traceability to certified laboratories and national standards. For more information on the blackbody calibration sources, click here.


Other Sensors

Process Sensors offers a wide range of other sensors. For more information on additional sensors, click here.