Best-in-class process automation products, engineering, and business solutions.

Our guiding values

Responsive and Reliable

Customer service is contingent upon constant communication and being there for our clients when they need us most. We encourage every member of our team to interact with clients in a proactive fashion and to answer all client questions in a timely, comprehensive manner.

Hard Work and Professionalism

Hard work and dedication are in our DNA. Our salespeople put in the time and effort to connect with our customers and provide them with the knowledge they need to make business-progressing decisions.

Delivering Solutions

We create solutions that allow for the installment and functioning of these products down the line. When our clients encounter obstacles, we do everything in our power to help them find solutions to their issues in an efficient, painless manner.

Since 1977, Andrews Industrial Controls has been a premier process control solutions provider throughout the territories we serve, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

superior service

We provide superior customer service and products to a variety of verticals including oil/gas, power, chemical/petrochemical, metals/mining, water/wastewater, food/beverage, pulp/paper, and the OEM’s and engineering firms who provide equipment and services to these industries.


Our corporate mission is to service our customers by implementing best-in-class process automation products and engineering & business solutions. It is also our intent to pursue the highest quality in all facets of our daily business practices, exceeding customer expectations.